Vigilance, Joy, Creativity and Wisdom - Sparrow Wax Seal


Handcrafted from an antique seal from France, this wax seal features a sparrow surrounded by leaves. 

The sparrow symbolizes vigilance, joy, creativity and wisdom. Sparrows are small in size but extremely protective, especially as a clan. Sparrows are constantly busy building nests, foraging for food and protecting their young, and they serve as a reminder that busy hands and minds promote a happy and full life.

Sparrow tattoos symbolize undying love, commitment to one person, sacrifice and bonding.

This fine silver charm is about 5/8” round and hangs on an 18" stainless steel baby ball chain that closes with a ball chain connector clasp. Other types of chains are sold separately.

Handcrafted in my studio just outside of Houston, Texas, each symbolic wax seal item from The Silver Acorn is hand-stamped in reclaimed fine silver or bronze and will be slightly different and uniquely yours.

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Vigilance, Joy, Creativity and Wisdom - Sparrow Wax Seal