Medieval Jerusalem Cross Wax Seal Charm Earrings


Handcrafted from a medieval wax seal from the 12th-13th century, this Jerusalem cross represents Christ's command to spread the Gospel around the world, a mission that started in Jerusalem. It was part of the coat of arms of the short-lived Jerusalem Kingdom (1099-1203 AD).

It is a collection of five crosses and the most common interpretations are:

•The four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, with Christ in the center Christianity (central cross) broadcast by missionaries to the four corners of the world.

•Five crosses representing the five wounds of Jesus on the cross (small crosses for the hands and feet, and the large central cross for the spear wound in His side.

These earrings come in either bronze or silver and measure approximately 1” from the top of the French hooks to the bottom of the charms. The bronze come with 14k gold-filled French hooks and the fine silver come with sterling silver French hooks.

Handcrafted in my studio just outside of Houston, Texas, each symbolic wax seal item from The Silver Acorn is hand-stamped in reclaimed fine silver or bronze and will be slightly different and uniquely yours.

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Medieval Jerusalem Cross Wax Seal Charm Earrings