"I Crack Nuts"- Medieval Squirrel

Handcrafted from medieval wax seal dating to the 14th or 15th century, this talisman depicts a rustic engraving of a squirrel holding a nut in its paws. The Latin words, in Lombardic font, read “I CRAKE NOTIS” which translates “I crack nuts” and was one of the most popular medieval seals because of its double entendre.

Some historians suggest that the cracking of nuts could be an analogy for cracking open a seal. However, others suggest that the squirrel and the "Cracking nuts" legend may have a more bawdy meaning. According to Harvey and McGuiness (1996, page 89) the squirrel eating a nut with the legend 'I crake notis' symbolizes "sexual conquest".

A squirrel is the symbol for preparation and balance. When squirrels prepare for the winter, they gather enough nuts and seeds to get through the winter, but as busy as these animals are, they always have time to play.

Whether they are leaping at each other or simply resting on a tree branch, enjoying the peace and quiet, the squirrel teaches us that there is time for everything in life; that the balance between work, play and rest is essential to our overall feeling of well-being and harmony.

This fine silver talisman is 5/8” round and hangs on a 18" stainless steel baby ball chain that closes with a ball chain connector clasp. Other types of chains are sold separately.

Each piece of jewelry from The Silver Acorn comes packaged in a tasteful gift box with a meaning card ready for gift-giving.

Handcrafted in my studio in Spokane, Washington, each symbolic wax seal item from The Silver Acorn is hand-stamped in reclaimed fine silver or bronze and will be slightly different and uniquely yours.


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