Apollo and Daphne Necklace

Handcrafted from an antique intaglio from the 1700-1800's, this talisman features the god Apollo chasing after his love, the maiden Daphne. Daphne refused his advance and her father turned her into a bay laurel tree.

Still enamored with Daphne, Apollo held the tree in a special place in his heart. He claimed the tree as his special tree, and adorned himself with some of its leaves.

This myth has been seen as the battle between chastity, represented by Daphne, and lust, represented by Apollo. Daphne's transformation into a laurel tree, escaping Apollo's sexual desires, is said to be an act of "eternal chastity". As a result, Apollo crafted himself a laurel wreath crown which eventually became a symbol of victory.

This bronze talisman is around 1 1/2”x 1” oval and hangs from a 14k gold-filled short-long cable chain with a lobster clasp closure. The entire necklace measures 17” long.

Each piece of jewelry from The Silver Acorn comes packaged in a tasteful gift box with a meaning card ready for gift-giving.

Handcrafted in my studio in Spokane, Washington, each symbolic wax seal item from The Silver Acorn is hand-stamped in reclaimed fine silver or bronze and will be slightly different and uniquely yours.

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